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My older brother, Dean did not like it – closing the law faculties Sam Winchester University, the student is determined to escape the past of his family. From their father’s obsession with a few who have been used by evil forces that kill his beloved wife and his two sons hiredResult training wachangakumsaidia inmendekua. They grow as usual. Dean, however, stayed with his father to join him in “hunt” in. Dean goes to Sam for help when their dad disappears. Now Sam mustjoin his brother to get it. His one weekend trip to look for the missingJohn Winchester becomes a constant pursuit after a terrible tragedy ruin the idea of ​​yoyoteyaSam a happy life.we have brothers tragedy and blood are obliged to perform their duties troops on foot side tragic and dangerous to meet when they believe there is superstition and folklore as And ladyIn white, but nothing is an Indian animal Wendigo Invisible travelers known as the plane that caused the breakdowns, Bloody Mary, vampires, demons, and many others. Warner Bros. Television Production Inc. From the Wonder Sound and Vision, the executive producers of the mkg (Angels of Charlie)Writer / producer Eric Kripke (Torbalan) and Robert Midnight Caller .more

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