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SPSS 24.0

Important Note: SPSS does not work with Windows XP Home Edition. It requires Windows XP Professional, Windows 7 Enterprise, Windows 7 Professional, Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Enterprise.

IBM SPSS Statistics is the ultimate tool for your statistics data and research to manage.

this super-Up gives you complete control over your data. It letsto make complex graphs and illustrations from statistics and firmly aimed at professionals who iskatzareshavane problems and economic research. To facilitate this, SPSS offers a wide range of analytical functions that take the pain out of data collection.

SPSS offersoptions for detailed analysis look at your data and trends in place that may not have noticed. You can examine hundreds of different variables of your data to see how figures or performance would change under different circumstances, while the application of a number of advancedfunktsiisadarzha that allows you to make the most of your data.

A number of features

Among these features are excellent opportunities for sharing, automated models, the ability for server versions of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules on IBM mainframe servers Syntax Editor integrationwith Microsoft Office and many more to move. To get a better idea of ​​the functions bekommenund features look here.

Obviously, as moshtnostsi tsena.SPSS download is quite large, and if you installed the program, it is quite a steep learning curve until you find your feet.It could be argued that, in fact, SPSSeine glorified version of Excel, but with many more options and power behind it impressive animal. As a result, internal users can be intimidated and is better to simply management application to start data.

If your statisticsserious, then SPSS is as good as it gets.


obobshtenSazdavane linear mixed models more accurate models for predicting non-linear outcomes in the module Advanced Statistics

Great performance – For compiled transformations in IBM SPSS Statistics Server and up to 200% profitproductivity to generate pivot tables in IBM SPSS Statistics Base

Statistics portal providing personalized, web-based analysis capabilities to colleagues and clients IBMSPSS Statistics Server

Automatically build powerful linear models linear modelipo simple, automated way in IBM SPSS StatisticsBase

Syntax Editor More than a dozen performance and usability enhancements for writing in the spelling of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules

Measuring the standard level automatically adjusts the level measurement in the analysis of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules

Direct marketing easier accessto prefabricated models vkaradanni better ways and access to customer information in modules for IBM SPSS Directmarketing

to let IBM System Z support Capability server versions of IBM SPSS Statistics Base and modules run IBMS powerful mainframe server

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