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When her boyfriend dumps for their exotic holiday, a young woman who persuaded her to go with extreme caution her mother to heaven, with unexpected results. When her boyfriend dumps her, Emily, spontaneous woman, 30 years old, persuaded his ultra caring mother to goher on holiday in Ecuador. Persistence opEmily, a couple looking for adventure, but suddenly steals. When these two very different women who find themselves in this wild trip, tested strengthen their relationship as mother and daughter, as vonynamahayuchys settle into the jungle and run.

After her boyfriendthrew it in the eve of the holiday huleksotiese, impulsive dreamer Emily Middleton (Hey Schumer) is convinced that his caring mother, Linda (Goldie HAVN), to go with her to heaven. Antipodes, Emily and Linda soon learn to work through their differences, both mother and daughter is the only way to excessive Wild Jungle Adventurevermywat fell.

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