Smurfs: The Lost Village Rmn 2017 Full Watch

It seems Schlumpfine that everyone else in the village has a target of Papa Smurf (Master), Baker Smurf (Baking), also irritability Smurf (grouching), except for him. So the only girl in the village to do? Go find them, of course! When he accidentally crossed the path with misteriyang creatures flying in the enchanted forest, she follows him and sent into the jungle of the unknown and forbidden. Rifftrax Live: Samurai Cop 2017 Full Watch
vn/tcm-the-godfather-2017-watch-online”>Tcm: The Godfather 2017 He joined his brother Brainy, Clumsy and lucrative and the evil wizard Gargamel Smurf shadowingKazhdy themStep team spent a wild ride, full of action, danger and discovery, menetapkanmereka on the road to the greatest secrets in the history of the Smurfs leading!

In the fully animated, which takes a new mystery on the map Smurfs Smurfette and her friends Brainy, Clumsy and pretty set on an exciting race through the Forbidden Forest, which led to the discovery of the greatest secrets in sejarahSmurf. The quality and complete, a completely new take onThe smurfs, a mysterious map and conveniently set druzeyBrainy Smurfette, Clumsy and bearable in an interesting and exciting race in the Forbidden Forest, filled with magical creatures filled the mysterious lost village before Gargamel kejahatanwizard. Entering the roller coaster ride, full of action and danger, Smurf on the road that leads to the discovery of the greatest secrets in the history of the Smurfs!

Smurfs: The lost village fully animatedComputer gameSmurfette feature films with his brothers who make in the region of the unknown OcharovannogoLes trekking the legendary village smurfs to find their spelling, Gargamel the evil wizard found him first. To reveal the whole film about the secrets of the origin of the blue kecilmakhluk that live in mushroom houses, including the reason why there are 99 boys and only one girl.


Classification: Not available

Date of issue: 6 April 2017

Genre: Animation

Cause time:not available

Distribution: Sony Pictures International Releasing

YangPelakon: Demi Lovato, Mandy Patinkin, Dzhek Makbrayer, Danny Pudi, Manganiello Dzho, Reynn Uilson

Director: Kelli Esberi

Format: 2D, 3D


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