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Sing Star Buster Moon, Brave Koala that is still a huge theater, which had fallen on hard times in the world is going, as we do, but also completely inhabited animals. Buster is the eternal optimist, well, maybe a little rogue who love the theater more than anything and will do anything to make it spase.Sada facesthe erosion of their life ambitions, he has one last chance to regain his glittering gem to its former glory, which svitNaibilshii Singing Competition.

International Space Station crew discovered life on Mars. Six astronauts to the station broduSpace to study collected samples from Mars,suggesting that extraterrestrial life has to offer on the red planet. Posada noted that the sample contains a large, single-celled organism – the first example of life beyond Earth. are not always what they seem. kaokao crew begins to carry out research, and by the end of his method of unintended consequences,shows the shape of a smarter life nobody expected.

Lonely and isolated, Vilson (Harrelson) calls Pipa (Laura Dern), a former wife who left him 17 years ago. She says neurotičnamizantrop middle age, he is the father of a teenager named Claire (Isabella Amara). Shaken, excited and hopeis, Wilson sent a fierce effort to connect with his daughter he never knew he had.

Five years Saro lost in poiizdivziati its thousands of miles across India, dalekood home and family. Saro must learn to survive alone in Calcutta, in the end, will be adopted before the Australian pair. twentyFive years later, armed with only a few memories of his unwavering determination and revolutionary technology known as Google Earth, on ćenađe his lost family, and finally return to your first home.

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