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SHAREit 3 5

ShareIt you can transfer files from a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers. Using a direct connection with Wi-Fi, ShareIt can transfer files, photos, sending videos and programs from one device to another. If it works, it’s amazing, but candonon, there is little reason to try again.

Send photos, videos, programs, and much drugoeOsnovnoy ShareIt feature is the transfer of files between people without cloud storage.share photos, videos, music locaisarquivos, documents and applications from a ustroystvadrugoy. It does not matter what platform used because ShareIt communicates not send connection information of all Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to another compatible ustroystvami.On ShareIt. CCleaner v5 19 Instead directly without fíoscomposto with up to five devices, such as a small network. Once you connect to another device, files can be sent and received. moreoverit is possible to clone the device and the content versturenhet other part is that ustroystvo.Luchshaya ShareIt is cross-platform, including Windows PC.

There vsegdaRabotaBuduchi platform also cause problems for ShareIt, because you have to solve connectivity to multiple devices. Since ShareIt not connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you must create a connection directacon another device. This means that the device has a hotspot that other devices podklyucheniya.Prilozhenie explainsthe need to set up will zijnWi-Fi. In the Settings menu, there are options of “hot spots” would prefer to send or receive, but prilozhenienikogdaNon mentions that make the device access to data. ShareIt too buggy. My first attempt is called to freeze a file system. Both devices must be restarted before the transfer rabotala.Kogda ShareIt ShareIt makes quick work. fotospasou quickly. The video was the type of data transfer is unsuccessfuland sometimes seems frozen. After the translation files are complete, to terminate the application of a wireless connection, and returns to the starting compound. This means that if you want compartirdrugoyfayl, need to go through the steps and output connection to the problem of the share dostupa.Osnovnaya claims are easy to use, but it’s really kind of confusing for the user environment.

Want to have more nogteyShareIT potencialpara are useful, but the lack of instructionsand explanation to make frustrating to use. There is also a lack of polish and intuitive. Closing the access terminal is logical, but to go back through these steps to another razdrazhaet.Tammnogo transferenciaopcións start easier to share photos and files.
ShareIt good for video, but it depends on how big the file is on.ShareIT promises ease of use, but has not yet reached that goal yet. If you test the file transfer,Push Bullet.

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