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Tibetan Mastiff to the mountain snow, the dog lives with a simple riff – a quiet village sheep Wolf and his thuggish linnux rabid band. To avoid harassment, the words leader Mastiff is not all music. However, when his son discovered the radio bodies fell from the sky, it only takes about guitar licks was sealed to the boy’s fate. Enough to be a rock star ‘n’ roll, chief city organization Angus Scattergood his legendary músicoQuen want to write a new song.

to TibetanMastiff snow mountain dog riff live simple life: the home of the sheep of his rabid wolf linnux thuggish and envelopes. To avoid distraction, Mastiff forbidden words to all the songs of montañas.Pero when the bodies son plane discovered radio step down, it takes only a few guitar licks his fate was sealed: the organization wants to be a rock and roll. But the challenges to their ancestors, to the city, and the location of the legendary -and insulation – Long AngusScattergood, who wants to write music and fast. The organization can make music xuntosAngus to help his music and now overcome wolves in the snow on the mountains, would live in harmony. Organization is what he always dreamed … more dogs on a rock hell can rock!

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