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Rapid Typing Tutor 5

Rapid Typing Tutor program for printing for Windows computers that will help you learn how to write it does not matter what type of keyboard you have.

Teach printing can be a bit doświadczeniaprzytłaczający for those who are Peru. Most keyboards are arranged alphabetically, so the shape can be confusing to those who do not know him. Typing Tutor fast help chociaż.Czy have a QWERTY keyboard normal, or slightly less traditional lessQuick printGuardian system can be recorded and available for use for typing lessons. The lesson also comes in a variety of languages, in addition to English.

After selecting the language and keyboard settings, it’s time to choose the most suitable for your game level. Typing Tutor fast everything, from the most elementary lessons in the not too advanced. You can learn lessons that teach letters, or where some lessons to learn how to type letters differentSeries.

Print szybkoWychowawcygoed set up because it has a comprehensive virtual keyboard guide to show the right placement for your hands on your own keyboard. Then follow the instructions on the ekranie. Typing Tutor quickly make noise when you press the wrong key. If this is interrupted, with the option to disable the program. If you want a more scenic screen while learning how to write, Typing Tutor was quickly transferred toThe screen each looks right on the letters.

The only real hang-up members can be forced to fast typing tutor is that it takes a lot of space on ekranie.Czasami freezes for a moment or two of the screen, especially when you run multiple programs at once.

If you want to learn how to write in a fast but Rapid Typing Tutor try one more time.


Fat font, problems related to non-English windows;

Symbol of the show is always a lesson;

English CoursesProfessionals improved;

Greek course for experts to improve (symbol adds rules); Thanks, Greek and English interface Russian German updated;

Other small bugs;

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