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Quantum Break SKIDROW


Leading power.

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Quantum Stop (C) solution of entertainment

Date –

Tip – disk (a) …………… 1 Rai

About this issue

After the second destruction of fixture to end again

Sami, two people think they change and get extraordinary


One of them travels over time and gets the hero out of the way

It may. Other benefits of these new skills try to overcome

Go put the pre pauzenepovratno.

ObieZmierzić great opportunity for decidingchoices

Determine the shape of the future. Quantum Stop is a unique experience

A hard part video game, part of an exciting life action digger

With a star cast participation, including Shawn Ashmore as the hero Jack

Joyce, Aidan Gillen as an enemy Pavle Serene Dominic Monaghan as

Feet genius brother William. Quantum Stop is full of life

The story, rich characters and dramatic obrtalek Entertainment

They are known. JouviboriV game will be the outcome of this influence

Fixed merger between games andEntertainment, give players a complete

Unique entertainment experience.


Lek experience in depth, based on the story experience


Top-quality live action show, which has a direct impact on elections

Made in the game

Star cast actors

A story tells in many ways

Game during operation

Move epic scenes of destruction, in addition, the reverse


System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 – 64kavałek

Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 or AMD FX 6300

Memory: 8GB RAM

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForceGF 760 or R 7 260KS

DirectX version 11

Journal: 68 GB of free space

NOTA environment

1. Pak release

2. Install or video

3. Install

4. Copy the contents of the folder to destroy the most important SKIDROV

Install folder and replace

5. Lock game zidicheck the content will destroy us

Secure / believed in the anti-virus program

6. Play the game

7. Support company, what software actually enjoy


To all my friends and family respected adversaries

ASCII Art of

The divineAnd a wonderful duo

Malodik irokos

Titan art division



Seeds welcome!

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