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Billi Payper amazing returns in his award-winning role. A young woman driven by her desire unthinkable desperate to have a child Saymon Stoun # 39; with the production of Lorca # 39 radical; painfully powerful masterpiece. The phenomenon can not miss a call in the theater Young Vic sales and critics # 39; unusualtheatrical triumph # 39; and # 39; impressive, blistering ,; # 39; Billi Payper # 39; performance with lead, as described # 39; Magic # 39; , # 39; Surprisingly # 39; and # 39; destructive; # 39; London fixing date, Piper # 39; Portrait of a women in her thirties desperately wants the building with the main force in a shocking, frightening, menopausepregnant. Please note that it is a translation of the interval.

Insight Events and National Theater Experience life here, Peter Pan, the famous London stage obstacles JM love story, developed by the company. Peter Pan was still alive at the National Theater and will be broadcast kiesdagtheaters nationwide padeiarbennigddydd Sunday, 11 If Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Boys, lost his shadow June assistance Reckless Wendy attached. In turn, she was invited to Neverland, where Tinker Bell fairy Tayger Lili and the vengeful Captain Hook stay. Fun for childrenand adults, Salli Kukson) directed the innovative production of the country, a co-production with the Bristol Old Vic Theater.

Tell us in advance, but not so. Cover nasieDesert. Radical desert to strike newyn.Bydddyavchyna whose mysterious dance, the world has changed. Repetition raised to turn the biblical storyupside down, putting the girl who called Salomeacute; in the middle of a turn.

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