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Address: Notruf 112 Die FEUERVEHR Simulation

Genre: Simulation

Developer: Crenetic Studio GmbH

Publisher: AeroSoft GmbH

Data January 9, 2016

About this game

Emergency Call 112 Fire Simulation is an exciting, fully detailed simulation of the stormy life of a large fire department of Citi.Developed cooperation and modeled on the fire service of Mlheim, Germany. Mlheim is one of the largest and most modern fire station in Europe. Particular attention posvećenarealizmu and accuracy in the creation of various missions.

Never before such a simulation has been proposed for a large number ofFire engines, including, in particular, the LF24 fire engine. All equipment and functionalities are included. Tender water, a swivel stair table and a vehicle body swap are also fully functional and accessible to a virtual firefighter. CommandtransportFunds are also included. And, of course, abstalyanannemogut be removed and available for later use.

Nesrećeuključujući cars and trucks, oil agents, external and internal fires that require equipment with breathing and exciting scenarios are generatedRandomly and promise hours of excitement. Authentic spread of fire and natural, ruhomay Fireguard firefighters with realistic handling that are necessary to combat the fire of a real game experience.

Turn on the emergency lights and sirens, and let some of the most exciting in the worldProfession firefighters. None of the previous simulation of fire has gone to such lengths to obezbedišto a smell and realism.


Firefighters modeled on the Department of Real Fire Mlheims embedded, in a fictional town

Highly detailed vehicles, such as LF24Fire truck, gentle tender truck, turning ladder vehicle and vehicle command

Portable equipment

Real, flexible, mobile hose

Interior and exterior fire

Technical assistance in case of accidents

Realistic spread of fireUsing fluid dynamic modeling

Many different scenarios, including:

Road accidents

Oil spills


For small fires in industrial areas


fire alarm

Night operations

Navigation systems in fire trucks

Functional lanternPost on LF24

Complex II, which controls the interaction between firefighters

Realistic traffic to the site of a fire or an accident

Open game world in which all buildings can be Scene

System Requirements


Windows Vista / 7/8 (64-bit)

Processor: 2.6 GHz

Memory:8 GB of RAM

Graphics: min. 1 MB VRAM (without support for zaonboard cards)

DirectX: Version 11

Storage conditions: 6 GB of free space

Sound card: Yes

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