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Norton Antivirus 2014

Norton AntiVirus 2014 is the mechanism of anti-malware scanning performance and reliability. This version retains the same structure as previous editions, but optimize and enhance multiple functions.

advanced protection instruments

Norton Antivirus 2014 provides complete protection in real time from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and rootkits, as well as a working filter e-mail, instant messaging and Internet browsing.

NortonTamén can scan your Facebook wall, and moremore compulsory tool to spread malicious software.

With sonar technology, proactive defense module can accurately identify threatswith unknown. Norton AntiVirus 2014 also can block sites and downloads malicious, and a’SilentMode’configuration option.

In addition antivirusintegrates Norton Power Eraser, an advanced tool for use during engine operation, with fallopara deletemalware classic analysis of the alleged attack system.

Norton AntiVirus 2014 disediakanversiEvolved Insight module, which analyzes running processes and files are classified, reliable and excluding them from the scan, optimize resources available for a given system.

Elegant and modern

Usability is certainly one of the strengths screen Norton Antivirus display system in one of the 2014 Vision xeraldo national security, as well as quick access to “scan”, “Live Update” and “Advanced Settings.” Meanwhile, in the background, mengandungipautan to other gotquickProduktyNorton, like Mobile Security for Android and Norton Online Backup.

The interface is simple antivirus and respond to the control group, and the project, which was virtually unchanged year fromlast, it is beautiful and elegant.

A safe bet for protecting súaPC

Norton Antivirus 2014 is, effectively scan a reliable source engineand relatively niskaZużycie.

It provides advanced features for experienced users, but at the same time, merekacemerlang optionsThe basic configuration of less idealfor experiencedusers.

Norton Antivirus 2014 is a first-class accommodations to keep you safe on the computer.


NEW: objectives and removal of threats warstweliminuje difficult eliminarameazas less sophisticated products often miss.

NEW: The latest version of Norton always will automatically send important product updates and functions throughout the year. The latest version does not need to do anything.

Percumabantuan an expert 24/7 support offering and answerstelephone, live chat, or online whenever improved: Norton Management pasmemAktualizacje automatically adjust the data transmission when connected to a network 3Gpara avoid the use of monthly data or causing overage fees.

gaps in coverage for cyber criminals using security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats to your computer.

Improved: SONAR Behavioral Surveillance Live 24×7 AncamanIa stay ahead, and detects usuwazagrożenianot yet invented, watching your PC for suspicious activity.

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