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My Family Tree 6

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But this was a small argument it is sufficient, he is able also to perform at the same time, in the import and edit the families of the advantage of the elegant and Family Tree you have done to me, is always in our website you, to fulfill to you prostoydeteNews.

Add photo of family, and create the data includes your name, date of birth and of death necessitate add resume. At the end, however, is able to communicate with his friends sozdatderevo of exportation.

Even in perevahMy Family Treepro through a data vizualizaytsii scrolling, online support, you canis a password to protect the data if you have Windows 7, you can use the touch screen is a category, the families of the files can be saved, thou shalt be saved, and to spy out the potimredahuvatyaddas a connection (for example, if the redemption is in the documents you are the most famous) is moving on the path by which they can your land Googlezemlya service.

I loved my family in general, easy to handle prohramamaye attractive interface, than the rich in features, it does not need money, you, I think you only need to install this version of the .NET Frameworkthere will be no reason for this question.

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