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Moborobo 5.0

IOS and Android users Moborobo design allows you to check all content on their phone as an application.

Android is a problem, there is no formal request for desktop computers and move the files to the exclusion da.Apple iTunes has beautiful devices, but users are not fans of the program, claiming it is blown up.

Enter Moborobo. This application is designed to be able to check all content on their devices. You do not have to razbolyavashIlibeharerro- if you want to use the Wi-Fi feature. Moborobo, can upload and download photos and video applications and the device will show. Moborob mass for applications even delete.

It may be a little frustrating at the beginning Thehasteko Moborobo phone if you need to install the device. For a full list of devices, see this list. Users can connect using a USB cable or Wi-Fi mrezhaAko Moborobo roots. It was ezartzeaduina, butSometimes there were some delays.

There are more wallpapers, ringtones and applications to be found in chapter download, but this version of the beta was not completely exhausted. However, Moborobo stable enough and good enough to manage your device files this uAplikazio available features.

In general, it’s a great application to manage files on your device Moborobo. This applies in particular to Androidpotrebiteli.

Moborobo the following formats

Egitekartutako devices see aFull list can be found at:

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