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Mathworks Matlab R2015a

MathWorks MATLAB R2015a (64 bits) –

MATLAB is a language is a high-level and interactive environment that is used by millions of engineers and scientists around the world. Come explore our looks and ideas and work together in all matters, including signal processing and imaging, communications, control systems and computational finance.

Put your ideas into action

You can use MATLAB in projects such as energy modeling for building networks of intelligent control of power,development of algorithms for hypersonic vehicles, analizandodatosver back on the track and intensity of hurricanes and perform millions of simulations to identify the optimal dose of antibiotics.

By Press Release

R2015a (Version) – Released 05 March 2015

Many new features in MATLAB R2015a extend the capabilities introduced in R2014b, including major improvements in data, the new hardware support and documentation integrated gereedskapkaste.
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Vind personal resources below for moreinformation.

News, established compatibility considerations


Documentation: Integrate documentation for personal toolboxes for MATLAB Help Browser

Documentation: Determine the function when introduced

limit the size of the matrix: to avoid limiting the maximum size of the array to the creation of large arrays deliberate

Page Conclusion: Full class properties and methods as the class definition file editing

Interface User Preferences:Language Control User Interface

Language and Programming

Reject function: repeated copies of various items to create more unhavan

type of function: Now that formed chain of cell entry of the matrix

IsEnum function: Determine if an enumeration variable

milliseconds function: Call the number of milliseconds duration

official appointment: for external file content

Fullfile function: symbols Houal double-dot

Python objects: fluidity Support

Python Version: MATLAB Support

motorMATLAB Python: Support for boot options

MATLAB engine for Python: Unicode support in Python

Conversion carácterarranxos Java Strings: Store zero characters

Services WSDLWeb Documents: Restrictions

Unit Test Framework: Tag tests for categorization and selection

Unit Test Framework: Begin tests in parallel

Unit Test Framework: participation of between test scripts

Unit Test Framework: The use of test devices in progress

unitedTest Framework: compare objects isequaln

Unit Test Framework: Use causes hope homogeneous with limited Lanza

Git Source Control Integration: See detallesdo sector and the removal of branches

Matrix C Library: New Features

funcionalidadesendo deleted or modified


Discretize function: numeric data are defined in boxes or categories

Descriptive statistics: Skip waardesNaN basic statistical calculations, including Max, min, average, median, sum, var, transmitted diseasessexual, and VOCs

ismembertol uniquetol and functions: Making comparisons with tolerance

Random Number: Generate random numbers medianteprecisión double oriented SIMD Mersenne Twister fast (dSFMT) algorithm

nearestNeighbor Function: Determine the border AlphaShapes nearest point

funcionalidadesendo deleted or modified

Import and export data

Datastore: Read a file metopsie “file” to the full size of the property reading

Datastore read data in parallel from a storageData with distribution function using parallel computing tools

Function webwrite: Submit data to REST web services using HTTP POST method

Web Reader eCaracterísticas websave: web services data application using REST HTTP POST method

xlsread readtable and Functions: read files spread more software Excel

TextScan and readtableFuncións: Go consistent results chains read quotes

Scientific libraries Archives Upgrades

Function to be removed ormodified


drawNow function: Improving performance in circuits with a new entertainment option

Function to be removed or modified


MapReducealgoritmos MapReduce to run on a cluster of computers pools parallel supports using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

interpolation functions: run faster various calculations

hardware support

IPcámara: Get video directly to the Internet Protocol

BEAGLEBONE Hardware Support PackageBEAGLEBONE hardware access to MATLAB BEAGLEBONE Black Black Hardware

Arduino hardware: Subscribe to Leonardo and other materials with Arduino support package for MATLAB hardware Arduino

ArduinoEquipo: New Feature configurePin

Function to be removed or modified


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