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In the near future, Logan tire care patients Professor X in hiding in the border with Mexico. But Logan was trying to hide from the world and his legacy are Lao Sin down when it comes to young mutant haunted by dark forces.

In the near future,Professor Logan segrizhi tired ailing X somewhere on the border with Mexico. However, Logan tried to hide from the world and his legacy upended when the young mutant haunted by dark forces. In 2029 the mutant population decline continuesX-Men to the Lao Sin. Logan chiyatosilata themselves down and treat himself to alcohol and now makes her living as a driver. Caring for a sick old Professor X makes hidden.One day, a foreign woman asked a girl named Laura Logan drive to the border with Canada. Toyotkazva the first professor to wait a long time for him to appear. Laura has a special power struggle and in many ways how Wolverine. It is followed byzlobnalichnosti work for company performance; This is because DNA mystery connected to the Logan. bezmilostenizpalnenie start – the third outing this movie Marvelhero comic Wolverine see superheroes clogged by everyday problems. They are elderly,Ill and struggling to survive financially. Logan not have been forced to ask whether you can or even wants to put

chuvstvosamotni and isolated Wilson (Udi Harelsan) FollowPipa (Lora Darn), former soprugakoј left 17 years ago. It misanthrope average neurotic and that he is the father of a young girl named Claire (Isabella Amara) was. Shocked and excited and looking forward to Wilson’s madcap connection with the daughter he never knew he had.

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