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IP Hider Pro 6

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IP Hider Pro is a professional software used to hide your IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic and the real situation while surfing the Internet. The best IP Changer seems to be that no one will know what you are doing on the Internet. IP Hider Pro provides a degree of security from the government so that they can use the Internet to freedom without licking information that is safe.


IP Hider Pro is a great program Lakoda your IP addressto hide

– IP addresses Since the world dozens of countries around the IP address of your choice. With one click establish a connection anonymously.

– the extent of state transmission encrypts properly. Automatically close when it is deleted, all-round protection of your privacy.

– You can choose which applications you want to hide traffic.

– DNS lookups are redirected to let your activity be without tracking.

Keep istiIP address as long as you want andSay, IP Hider Pro with the new IP every 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes of additional protection to choose.

IP Hider Pro allows you to surf with confidence, you can browse any website, use instant messenger and chat services (like MessengerLive, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, etc.), web email, newsgroups, web blogs And forums and your true identity and the location is never revealed.

This Gread Hide IP software encrypts all your saobraćajtako, which is your ISP and network administratorsHave no idea which sites and services you can access. IP Hider Pro will then send worldwide encrypted traffic through our network of secure servers so that not only will your IP address change, or your location. We offer a variety of IP addresses United States and regions for users, such as USA, UK, France, Canada, HK and so on.

IP Hider PRO allows you to easily transfer all your Internet activenostisakriti and no one in the worldKnow who you are, what you do. Download IP Hider Pro now, what you do, what’s on the Internet!


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