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Hotspot Shield 5

Hotspot Shield is a free program that allows you to secure your connection while browsing WiFi hotspots and access points are usually not available outside of the US such as Hulu and Pandora.

What can you do with Hotspot Shield?

To back up your Internet connection, Hotspot ShieldTo create a virtual private network (secure connection, usually a short VPN) between your computer and OrtEntwickler Hotspot Shield, AnchorFree, which is based in the United States. IniMembuat take your site link to the US based.

The main reason why users flock to Hotspot Shield as it allows youTo see the US site, which is usually limited to those who are not living there. This is very useful for video sites like Hulu or limited YouTube videos is a limited area.

Hotspot Shield now includes protection against malware which means that during use, noMust be infected by the things that damage your system.

Easy to use is?

Everything is done with open in a separate tab in your browser, so you do not need to configure anything. Green and red characters appear on the taskbar when Hotspot Shield is or is not connected.VPN is verschlüsseltmit 128-bit SSL encryption so you can safely surf without worrying about your other data to intervene.

Hotspot Shield works very well in general. It is supported by ads, however, and warns that you will install mencobaUntuk toolbar, although you canTo choose not to participate. When installing Expat Shield, you also need to remove it before installing the Hotspot Shield. Remember, surfing with Hotspot Shield is noticeably slower than usual, but it does nothing for video from video sites like Hulu Streaming.

If you have an application,You want to block access to the type of blocked sites and others, you can find the rest of the VPN and accessibility apps here.


Hotspot Shield is easy to install and a useful way to access the site and schütztIhre privacy.

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