Google Drive 1 64bit download


Google Drive 1

Google Drive is a cloud storage software and file management. You can download Google Drive for Windows, which allows you to sync and upload a file from your desktop.

Previously, Google introduced a variety of services related to each other. Googleilizindua now Google Drive, which integrates Google, Google and storage services in the cloud in one.

While Gmail and Google+ still separated Drive, Google Docs was named “Disc” sDobavyane free 5GB of online storage. Like Dropbox, it addsyaWindows Explorer shortcut,you can drag and drop files.

Once added, they log into your account online. Any type of file can be put on and then found a way of existing Android app or online. Connecting nyarakaUtapata conservation work and a great asset as well as photos and video.

Friends can comment on anything you’ve uploaded and add more edinNivo social relations. disk storage compared to other cloud services, butGoogle kuongezakiungo ability to make uniform the system easier to use. If necessary, you can purchase additional spacefor extra space.

Google Drive has great potential, but there is still room for improvement.

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