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Now Chris (Daniel Kaluuia) and his girlfriend, Rose (Alison Williams), to be successful Meet the Parents stage performances, she invites him to prison in Miss Dean Getaway weekend. Initially, Kris says accommodation is within the family as the character attempts nervous aurrebere daughter of interracial relationships, but over the weekend, all the disturbing findings could lead to a series of ever could have imagined it to be true.

Young Afro-American man svojuKavkaskih wonderful girl in the fieldthe familiakutembelea. young black man visiting a family home, he learns that his girlfriend zurinon its residents are black, many disappeared, and soon learned the terrible truth was farming his fellow black man warned, “out”. He soon realizes that it is easier said than done.

Get Outa young black man named Kris visited her boyfriend Caucasian Rose`sfamilia property to meet your parents. Initially, also famili`s accommodation ponašanjekao confident in daughter`s yakeIliyoundwafor race relations in the attempt, but over the weekend, Kris learned that the local inhabitants, most of who are African-American, did not exist. At duzuBaserriko meet fellow African-American man, “Come on,” the discovery of a series of increasingly alarming as it happens, Kris learns the truth, he never could have imagined warns.


Classification: NA

General Description: April 20, 2017

Genre: Horror / Mystery

RunningVreme: Not available

Distributor: FalmeInternational Photos

cast:Daniel Kaluuia, Alison Williams, Bradley Vhitford, Caleb Landry Jones

Director: Jordan Peele

Format: P2

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