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Fernbus Simulator 2016

This is the first account of the famous German intercity road bus. In conjunction with Flixbus free remote simulator Coach bus designed to navigate in the daily life of German highway / highway bus drivers in more than 40 cities. With remote bus driver simulators experiencing live / Marathon Buses are live every day from modern and MAN Great Lions Coach.

How it works

Kuhusukm from FlixBusDeutsches via the internet and over 40 cities in Germany are simulated.Not so long, the simulator time will occur at the 1:10 level. You can navigate through toll roads and toll roads at different bus stations in over 40 cities while they stay in touch with your head trainer / coach. Accidents, congestion and challenge of your role path as a driver issuing timetable time fakaunataka set.


MAN bus is equipped with all the features available in the original cockpit, outside and inside the bus is modeled into the smallest detail.Long distance bus simulators provide a realistic atmosphere and genuine advertising and real passengers. The bus in the simulator is tested by a real driving instructor and the Basina driver is optimized.

In the European Bus Simulator 2012 you can get around the fictional city of Frey ferry. There is a simulator, and you will have to follow the rules, period breaks, to sell tickets to passengers and on time. In addition to the 32-bit version, there are 64 bits

Start European Bus Simulator 2012, go to the bus depot, select the bus and check the controls. There are trained forControl the meeting of the leading materials. Frey ferry has 450 stations across the street, six urban areas, like work done and walking school. You can create custom methods in the integrated editor.

Driving is what you expect. So big and awkward to push, and keeping out of the way other traffic is always a big deal. If the bus, enjoy European Bus Simulator 2012, but although still yakuboresha graphicsis a game that does not havecharacter. There is no reason that the simulator should be dry and without humor.

There are many bus-things for the European Bus Simulator 2012, up to adjust the weather, so it’s fun when it’s shown this sort of thing. More than the regular fans will find the amazing 2012 Bus Simulator, and unhappiness.

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