Private Internet Access 65 x86-x64 free download


Private Internet Access 65

Private access to the internet (PIA), virtual private network (VPN) solution that will encrypt and anonymize internet traffic. Data traveling through an Internet connection is encrypted, so that no one else can read it; Internet. PribatuaInternet Access for Windows, Mac and Linux as desktop client as a mobile app for Android and Apple iOS.

Fundamentals of Internet Privacy Protection

Personal access to the Internet To get started, you need to subscribe to the plan. You can pay monthly, monthlyOr more timeframes to sign packages to save money. To protect your rights to 5 devices at the same time, TakMożna provides protection at home, at school or at work. Erabiltzeasoftware simple and easy; Interface that is minimal, and fixed in a way it is set up, so you can safely connect to the Internet. Even a feature that blocks ads and pop-ups while browsing the web. If a new location accesses Internet equipment, a VPN router is required to runSoftware you can buy pre-loaded.

PIA VPN drobniejszePunkty

A wide range of safety features for a good PribatuaSartzeko Internet VPN client option. Offers a private DNS server, preventing Watchers from using their DNS queries from the Internet Picking nothing about it. It also includes the Switch Kill function; If you release the VPN app kill switch which disables the Internet. This feature means that you never do not think to send vulnerable internetowyto trafficEncrypted. One brand, which is the number of servers on the VPN; Increase the number of azkarragokonexioak word server. This web server is one of the leaders of the pack in terms of quantity, but it is available in some parts of the world than others. In addition, they have no information about their users to maintain a strict record policy; In addition to PayPal and credit cards, PIA also secures formats, such as Bitcoin digital currency, and even coffee card giftsIn payments.

Security is locatedAt a reasonable price

Looking for an easy-to-use bazabiltzaVPN solution that provides powerful protection without high monthly fees, this is a sound choice. Some people may not like the minimalist user interface – sometimes it could be possible that the VPN Customizability is on.It of some competing products provide a little less ahaztubainaużytkownik need to increasemost control. Personal access to the internet also MACE, malware, plunger, and AdBlocker can not be turned off, and youWill see how this, many obstacles and peers Server strict security features mean that a variety of fast and secure VPN using this simple interface is a reliable choice for users.

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Norton Antivirus 2014 installer download free


Norton Antivirus 2014

Norton AntiVirus 2014 is the mechanism of anti-malware scanning performance and reliability. This version retains the same structure as previous editions, but optimize and enhance multiple functions.

advanced protection instruments

Norton Antivirus 2014 provides complete protection in real time from viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and rootkits, as well as a working filter e-mail, instant messaging and Internet browsing.

NortonTamén can scan your Facebook wall, and moremore compulsory tool to spread malicious software.

With sonar technology, proactive defense module can accurately identify threatswith unknown. Norton AntiVirus 2014 also can block sites and downloads malicious, and a’SilentMode’configuration option.

In addition antivirusintegrates Norton Power Eraser, an advanced tool for use during engine operation, with fallopara deletemalware classic analysis of the alleged attack system.

Norton AntiVirus 2014 disediakanversiEvolved Insight module, which analyzes running processes and files are classified, reliable and excluding them from the scan, optimize resources available for a given system.

Elegant and modern

Usability is certainly one of the strengths screen Norton Antivirus display system in one of the 2014 Vision xeraldo national security, as well as quick access to “scan”, “Live Update” and “Advanced Settings.” Meanwhile, in the background, mengandungipautan to other gotquickProduktyNorton, like Mobile Security for Android and Norton Online Backup.

The interface is simple antivirus and respond to the control group, and the project, which was virtually unchanged year fromlast, it is beautiful and elegant.

A safe bet for protecting súaPC

Norton Antivirus 2014 is, effectively scan a reliable source engineand relatively niskaZużycie.

It provides advanced features for experienced users, but at the same time, merekacemerlang optionsThe basic configuration of less idealfor experiencedusers.

Norton Antivirus 2014 is a first-class accommodations to keep you safe on the computer.


NEW: objectives and removal of threats warstweliminuje difficult eliminarameazas less sophisticated products often miss.

NEW: The latest version of Norton always will automatically send important product updates and functions throughout the year. The latest version does not need to do anything.

Percumabantuan an expert 24/7 support offering and answerstelephone, live chat, or online whenever improved: Norton Management pasmemAktualizacje automatically adjust the data transmission when connected to a network 3Gpara avoid the use of monthly data or causing overage fees.

gaps in coverage for cyber criminals using security holes (vulnerabilities) in applications to sneak threats to your computer.

Improved: SONAR Behavioral Surveillance Live 24×7 AncamanIa stay ahead, and detects usuwazagrożenianot yet invented, watching your PC for suspicious activity.

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Keil uVision MDK ARM 5 download free


Keil uVision MDK ARM 5

UVision Cayley Development of IOC-ARM 32-bit microcontroller-based M ARM Cortex-better (IDE, compiler, linker, debugger, flash) to collect funds.

The program of executable files, text documents in their cracks and cracks at these stages are described in the countains

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IDM 6.28 Download


IDM 6.28

Cracker’s website visit:

http: // crackingpatchingcom


Internet Download Manager IDM create 1 Full + Patch + crack extension that can be damaged resolving issues / problems, such as a tool to increase download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and download the table and restore error perfect and continuing ability to start work for downloading the damaged or interrupted. Because of the loss, network problems, computer shutdowns computer, orunexpected power. Simple user interface makes Internet DownloadManager IDM image 1. Create a full download and use madali.Internet Download Manager has a smart download logic accelerator. Feature is the intelligent document dynamic and safe multipart downloading technology to accelerate your downloads. Unlike other download managers and acceleratorsInternet Download Manager segments downloaded files dynamically. During the processDownload and reuses available connections without additional connect and login stages to achieve better acceleration best.

whatsBago version1 construction

(Released: March 22, 2017)

IDM download engine updates

A new type of extensions for Firefox (webextension) was created to support the features Firefox multiprosess (e10s)

Add support paraFirefox 53, 54, 55

Recognized improvements in the video player US

Fixed bug

How to install:

patchInstructions Version:

1. idm installed by running

2. Run 32bit Patch created if you are using a 32bit operating system


tumakbo64bit develop if you use a 64bit operating system


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Blender 32 bits Download Free


Blender 32 bits

Only the package Blender 3D content creation. CCleaner v5 19 download free

It is said that it is difficult to say something more about this program is simple – Review Blender was one of those nightmares where you suddenly realize that you are in deep water, but do not know how to swim.

Complete list of features

Surprising in its diversity,flexibility and features, Blender is large, and it is only one rating that it does not make good. For oninitiede, dieKoppelvlak is huge. These are klasteripaneli and bars, full of explanations and icons, with tools for all. It is also completely flexible as you can add and remove parts perif necessary, and that they are moving and changing.

According to the menu options are Blender functions, ranging from rigging and modeling and animation gristvorzenie. In fact, Blender 3D has so many functions that they call all this will take hours, so keep an eye on definitieveGids here.
Music Player Download Free Among the more iznenađujeelementiare included in the program’s built-in text editor, sound version / edition of the game engine.

steep learning curve

Blender does not need to say all the configuration options, because all the functions of the program can be included GłovnegoInterfejs. It is really a program for experts, or for users who hopeit will become very effective. Although there are good tutorials on the site blender, the program for 3D modeling plays okonieOm something. A beginner would probably be better, in fact, looking at something more affordable, such as Google SketchUp.

If 3D creation is your thing, you do not have a copy of Blenderno, you’re almost certainly not.

mikserjest extremely impressive 3D modeling program that can discourage oninitiede.


Some menus in the middle, “and more!

BlenderOndersteun following formats

2D: TGKS, JPG, OpenEKSR, DPX, Cineon, Radiation DCR Iris, SGIFilm, MFF, and AVIQuickTime, GIF, TIFF, PSD: MOV (Windows and Mac OS X)

3D 3DS, AC3D, COLLADA, FBKS EkportDKSF, Vavefront the object obj DEC Format files of DirectX Lightvave, MD2


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ClipGrab 3.2 download free


ClipGrab 3.2

If you are looking to download video free, fast and easy to work regardless of your browser, the decision ClipGrab interesting.

ClipGrab download and convert video support and video websites, including nayholovnisheYouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, CollegeHumor, MyVideo, obscene, dried, MySpass and Tudou.ClipGrab can convert downloaded video format MPEG4, WMV, OGG Theora, MP3 and OGG Vorbis or simply store the videos in their original form. However, when I upload a video formatuFLV with Vimeo, I can not form a drop-downmenu to change it may not work for all sites

ClipGrab can downloadHD video format and make it so all you have to do is make sure that the quality of HD chosen in the dropdown menu. What I like ClipGrab, which automatically detects when you post a link to the clipboard using spovischenHarchaty and automatically download it ifyou want. In addition, downloading surprisingly fast compared to many such applications. On the other hand, it is not included in the browser, even if you opt out, you can add as many asyou need to queue.

ClipGrab quick and simple solution free for anyone to downloadand convert video.


skachatyClipGrab YouTube now support new label artist ID3 MP3-files that are updated support FFmpeg to convert to OGG Vorbis

ClipGrab form of support these


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 full download


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Duty Activision If you are a fan of the legendary series, then you’ll love the call topic of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for Windows 7.

This topic is very broad, and it is really easy to install Windows 7. You do not have installers and mixed – just double click the grounds of packages and then automatically installs the theme options and display. by clicking the right work environment, the choice of personalization and Byondoren, click on the topic that will stanieZmodyfikuj, and see what the Callof Duty: Modern Warfare3 to.

What gives? To install the grounds of 48 wallpapers, icons system high resolution 3, customizable sounds, will receive a special ability to change the cursor and the start button. This should be done for every Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 theme sistemarentzatWindows 7 in the high quality of the whole package of things that really make the computer becomes alive.

Call of Duty: War in 2014. It’s a long story, an advanced version of the franchise.campaign single-playerMentres he went to Call of Duty: Ghosts, changes in the volume remains unchanged and Sledgehammer Games.

According to the war the company’s future

Land-Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a history of standard action movie, is one of the series. As a former Marine of the United States, Atlas, which is a private company in the world, when they join the armed forces. Jobs jakoOperator see how the PMC can operate outside the law. an exoskeleton, which, among other things, increase the strength of awave or more recursosOfrece in hand, have more tools to do their tasks.

Just realize that the evil behind zaraAtlas aware, Jonathan Irons, president of Atlas plans to leave. This single-player campaign. It is possible, for seven to eight hours and a hundred missions, such as the death of a runaway truck lubPrzechwytywanie terrorist Bay Bridge in San Francisco as a bridge to form.

Multiplayer Call of Duty: Advanced war has not changed much in previous games. play the partidogeratzenchargingSelect 13 of the same system. Eligible weapons in the game in which automatic weapons are governed by higher scorer. sniper rifles are still burdened.

With eleven types of game is enough to keep the amount of zainteresowaniePrzyzwoitą. Not reject the exoskeleton like the previous game Call of Duty to play and which games too. There are several new types of games, for example. Even Uplink, gehienJende play mortality default, bandeiraou catch domination.

If you area rookie named of Duty: Advanced Warfare and COD multiplayer game, would be a little hard to find bearings. That is why the struggle for budding Sledgehammer Games a school where you can have a little multiplayer nauczyćO added. Unfortunately, you do not really learn.

A number of improvements have been very arrenMultiplayer, I do not feel different. There is only a small add-on that has not changed significantly in the game.

Nothing out of the ordinary

If you’ve played ChamadaOf Duty Advanced war nothing.Most of the controls are the same. Even in cases where the exoskeleton, increasing the drive is not rzeczywistościDostępne each mission. There are two types of costumes they used, and each mission plays out before quickly shows that skills can be used.

the same control exists, and the addition of various types of grenades at the time said that will happen. The game is simple, the single-player campaign is low, but the addition of an external skeleton of their multixogadorexperiencia exchange.

The change is alreadythe greatest player that bother camp twierdząMiejscmapa so common, expected to occur a lot of bad games.

Finally, we have the current gen

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is the first game in the series uses a new engine. Depending on what you are selling, or slightly above average game looks amazing. The main characters are the perfect accent, but momentum Activision Kevin SpaceyJokoaren as much a part of the dialogue and acciónnon always seems realistic.

The sound of the game is much betterand the best set of headphones so you can hear everything. The voice acting is great and the rest of the cast sets contain many details about sound levels.

This is more Call of Duty

Call of Duty: aurreratuaGerra is not a big change from previous games. This is certainly an improvement, but there are three developers working on Call of title from the same service quality can be nieZobaczymy year.

If you are a fan, need to get a game, because you know what to expect. If you are new tothe series (which would be rare), the action movie single-player campaign is a great experience, but as a high learning curve prestatuaskorentzako.


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Internet Download Manager Build 11 Download Free


Internet Download Manager Build 11

Internet Download Manager is a download manager to optimize the summary is as follows: files, images, ideal for loading speed and is easy to organize your files.

ideal to optimize and manage your downloads

Internet Download Manager is the perfect tool to plan and files for downloading at higher speeds. software is very practical, high-quality options (recorded video content on the Web site) a lot. Internet Download Manager integrates velmidobramet Windows (Whatever versionyou use), as well as the most common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, and many others).

Download one of its strengths is the ability to recover to the point where it was interrupted. Internet Download Manager in the same file, which significantly speeds up the creation of multiple page loads to connect to the server.

Ugly, but effective and affordable

Internet Download Manager is very easy because you just drag and drop a video address to the list of erabilidownload.

videoAfter a link to download the software you want to be in charge. You can start planning to transfer or load the list later.

Internet Download Manager is very accessible for beginners: practical advice, in addition to providing software interfeysvelmi carefully. This means that all your past and future downloads folders that are organized very effectively allows navigation. But the Internet Download Managererabat ugly stick interface, large buttons that oathYou’d end seems to be straight from Windows 95.

Our verdict: The best download managers

Internet Download Manager is a great all hulpmiddel.Selfs you pay, many users prefer their asnovnykankurenty as Free Download Manager or FlashGet over, and not without reason.

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AquaSoft SlideShow 10 Portable Free Download


AquaSoft SlideShow 10

10 AquaSoft SlideShow Ultimate multilingual (x86x64)

Standing out from the crowd with exciting videos made of your photos, videos and music. Slideshow 10 is packed with new features in every category, especially video editing. Trim, rearrange, acceleration, or reduce the video AndaAnda are in full control.

– NEW! Improved performance video including time lapse and slow motion

– NEW! Create rotation and photos and videos in 3D

– NEW! Combining font style and design effects

– Animated pravciza resolutionjuuramani

– Full HD Video 4K quality of exports

videoEditing: professional quality made easy with slideshow

Taking your video in post production: frame-by-frame view allows precise cutting, ensures that captures the essence of your video. Accelerate your record for driving fast or delayed to give more time banyakspesifik interval. Editing your video slideshow using color grille and lighting effects to create stunning visual experience. hardwarezabrzanaDekodiranje work katikabackground ensure smooth playback even at 4K resolution. Free MP3 Cutter

– NEW! Alatmengedit videos directly in timeline

– NEW! Optimized deinterlacing: no more combing

– NEW! Adjusting the speed (time-lapse / slow motion)

– NEW! Frame-by-frame video display

– NEW! professional slider

– NEW! Hardware accelerated video decoding

Andavideo export in various formats, including:

– Other Computer

– As HD / 4K video on a TV, Mac, smartphone, tablet, or deviceYou

– If video or PC-show projector

-web social work; YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. PhotoFiltre Studio 7

– If the CD, DVD (with menu), AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc

sistem10 requirements AquaSoft SlideShow:

– Operating system: Windows Vista, 7 and 10, all the 32-bit to 64-bit supported

– Processor: 2GHz, multi-core processor is recommended

– Graphics card: min. 256MB memory, DirectX 9c

– Memory RAM: 2GB

What’s new in AquaSoft Slideshow 10




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Acronis True Image 2017 32-Bit


Acronis True Image 2017



Do not just use this program, but now they have decided to share with you. In general, decided to Acronis True Image Home project, the operating system copies can be downloaded to create and easy recovery will be, and horrekesan that there is no reason led for all applications to the establishment of just decompressed copy of the transfer and work Windows will be required to get a new version, it is very convenient and fast.

Also AcronisTrueDaseguru useful for userswho want the image a copy to keep almost every day over the house system, in the fact that in any situation, you can always go to his chains to return and make, you do not like. Copies of absolutely everything in your system, movies, photos, e-mail korrespondentziaICQ, load data, and so forth, it makes no sense to all list.

Acronis True Image Home is a very clever program only once to save a copy of your place at the right time and automatically copy nagrafikIn this place no more need for acopy of a low kezkatuDuela or not. Other things, an improved search system, among other things, you can now easily search for files that remain go into the archive and faster. Acronis True Image Home, in addition to its archive format, is now able to izanohiko ZIP format, which many see as a big plus work. Many people have noted the change in the user interface to work with him pleasant cavity udobnoiEk think.

Acronis True Image Home to recover the management is very convenientand reliable ditukargatzen While this is the standard begins with the process does not work if you just press the F11 key to the application the same operating system, which in most cases, it is necessary to recovery. ditzakezuZer the only content you want to back, you will have a lot to save space on your hard drive, and the process will be faster, the only issue new faylove.Acronisof changed since they drafted True Image Home is the main cavity in the background without interferingthe performance of the computer, it is also a big plus, and the charging process is not large, so it hinders the development will be. In general, try it really long, can themselves and understand the program itself is not only necessary for a happy and satisfied, and what you want!

Developer: Acronis Inc.

Licence: Shareware

Language: Inglesa + Russian version

Operating System: Windows


1- Run and install

2. Copy all the guide installation guide

3. That’s it. enjoythe full version.

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BlueStacks App Player 2 full x86-x64 Download Crack


BlueStacks App Player 2

Actually BlueStacks App Player is an emulator.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 BlueStacks App Player by a full transition to provide more information and clarity on when a full-size your favoriteAndroid games jolastenmonitor.Theuzoefu soft errors or without laughing. Another advantage of the opportunity to put your account as WhatsApp and Kik is your main system. For those who used to work on their computers to stay in touch constantly pay attention to the fact that switching to another device without having to be refreshing! Enjoy everything you do in your life PCBlueStacks Android App Player on your phone or tablet to your system. It is seamless and effortless way to help a lot. add piamuhimuendada only Android emulator support Samsung Qualcomm and Intel and AMD. Certainly evidence of its reliability and quality.

. ..

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