Hotspot Shield 5 download Incl.Key


Hotspot Shield 5

Hotspot Shield is a free program that allows you to secure your connection while browsing WiFi hotspots and access points are usually not available outside of the US such as Hulu and Pandora.

What can you do with Hotspot Shield?

To back up your Internet connection, Hotspot ShieldTo create a virtual private network (secure connection, usually a short VPN) between your computer and OrtEntwickler Hotspot Shield, AnchorFree, which is based in the United States. IniMembuat take your site link to the US based.

The main reason why users flock to Hotspot Shield as it allows youTo see the US site, which is usually limited to those who are not living there. This is very useful for video sites like Hulu or limited YouTube videos is a limited area.

Hotspot Shield now includes protection against malware which means that during use, noMust be infected by the things that damage your system.

Easy to use is?

Everything is done with open in a separate tab in your browser, so you do not need to configure anything. Green and red characters appear on the taskbar when Hotspot Shield is or is not connected.VPN is verschlüsseltmit 128-bit SSL encryption so you can safely surf without worrying about your other data to intervene.

Hotspot Shield works very well in general. It is supported by ads, however, and warns that you will install mencobaUntuk toolbar, although you canTo choose not to participate. When installing Expat Shield, you also need to remove it before installing the Hotspot Shield. Remember, surfing with Hotspot Shield is noticeably slower than usual, but it does nothing for video from video sites like Hulu Streaming.

If you have an application,You want to block access to the type of blocked sites and others, you can find the rest of the VPN and accessibility apps here.


Hotspot Shield is easy to install and a useful way to access the site and schütztIhre privacy.

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IP Hider Pro 6 free download


IP Hider Pro 6

IP Hider PRO + crack

IP Hider Pro is a professional software used to hide your IP address so that you can hide your internet traffic and the real situation while surfing the Internet. The best IP Changer seems to be that no one will know what you are doing on the Internet. IP Hider Pro provides a degree of security from the government so that they can use the Internet to freedom without licking information that is safe.


IP Hider Pro is a great program Lakoda your IP addressto hide

– IP addresses Since the world dozens of countries around the IP address of your choice. With one click establish a connection anonymously.

– the extent of state transmission encrypts properly. Automatically close when it is deleted, all-round protection of your privacy.

– You can choose which applications you want to hide traffic.

– DNS lookups are redirected to let your activity be without tracking.

Keep istiIP address as long as you want andSay, IP Hider Pro with the new IP every 1, 5, 30 or 60 minutes of additional protection to choose.

IP Hider Pro allows you to surf with confidence, you can browse any website, use instant messenger and chat services (like MessengerLive, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, etc.), web email, newsgroups, web blogs And forums and your true identity and the location is never revealed.

This Gread Hide IP software encrypts all your saobraćajtako, which is your ISP and network administratorsHave no idea which sites and services you can access. IP Hider Pro will then send worldwide encrypted traffic through our network of secure servers so that not only will your IP address change, or your location. We offer a variety of IP addresses United States and regions for users, such as USA, UK, France, Canada, HK and so on.

IP Hider PRO allows you to easily transfer all your Internet activenostisakriti and no one in the worldKnow who you are, what you do. Download IP Hider Pro now, what you do, what’s on the Internet!


Crack snow FTV

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DLL Files Fixer 3 Portable download


DLL Files Fixer 3

The letters? DLL? often play horror for PC users. They only appear when something has gone wrong, usually appears in a window of error that does not have a game to play or application you use. And to make the matter with these errors is usually a missing DLL file that can not be easily remedied. Fortunately DLL files Fixer, many of them automatically for troubleshooting. There is also a free trial!

reparierenDateien paraben

DDL files or LinkBibliotekedynamics are basically the connection with files from other files. A program requires a source so that a DLL, and then discover that you need. caused a DLL missing or corrupted, for example, by installasiehikke, a program may stop completely. DLL Fixer is a clever piece of software designed to check all these files and restore. This program uses a Internetverbindungdie faltapara find files, customize a massive catalog of possible filesDLL.
EasiestSoft Movie Editor 4 +Portable download
You can easily search for files require.

Simple and fast, but limited

DLL Fixer is a very good tool to solve these problems due to the large list of DLLs that have the ability to apply more DLLs absent. The software is also easy to use. The only downside is that these problems are very rare, so it can not go beyond the trial to go valorser.


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Rapid Typing Tutor 5 Free Download


Rapid Typing Tutor 5

Rapid Typing Tutor program for printing for Windows computers that will help you learn how to write it does not matter what type of keyboard you have.

Teach printing can be a bit doświadczeniaprzytłaczający for those who are Peru. Most keyboards are arranged alphabetically, so the shape can be confusing to those who do not know him. Typing Tutor fast help chociaż.Czy have a QWERTY keyboard normal, or slightly less traditional lessQuick printGuardian system can be recorded and available for use for typing lessons. The lesson also comes in a variety of languages, in addition to English.

After selecting the language and keyboard settings, it’s time to choose the most suitable for your game level. Typing Tutor fast everything, from the most elementary lessons in the not too advanced. You can learn lessons that teach letters, or where some lessons to learn how to type letters differentSeries.

Print szybkoWychowawcygoed set up because it has a comprehensive virtual keyboard guide to show the right placement for your hands on your own keyboard. Then follow the instructions on the ekranie. Typing Tutor quickly make noise when you press the wrong key. If this is interrupted, with the option to disable the program. If you want a more scenic screen while learning how to write, Typing Tutor was quickly transferred toThe screen each looks right on the letters.

The only real hang-up members can be forced to fast typing tutor is that it takes a lot of space on ekranie.Czasami freezes for a moment or two of the screen, especially when you run multiple programs at once.

If you want to learn how to write in a fast but Rapid Typing Tutor try one more time.


Fat font, problems related to non-English windows;

Symbol of the show is always a lesson;

English CoursesProfessionals improved;

Greek course for experts to improve (symbol adds rules); Thanks, Greek and English interface Russian German updated;

Other small bugs;

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Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 download


Autodesk AutoCAD 2016


Designing and shaping the world around you the most powerful related design tools in AutoCAD. See more incredible experience and visual documents from the projectCoordination with the context of the model

AutodeskAutoCAD-2016 SP1 64bit-searchable,

As an industry standard, the famous product ofAutodesk, AutoCAD lets you create 3D and 2D designs. The application comes with a user interface and help system, is responsible for an important tool to find ways to help.

There are tools available like AutoCAD and shovel, daitekeulertzeko is very intricate for beginners. However,There are many online guides and documentation materialThey are available in a wide range.

Features include:

Sečenjeedge tool.

Intuitive graphical view.

Improved text and dimensions.

Enhanced geo-location tools.

Cross Platform Support.

AutoCADEkinworkflow connect an integrated desktop computer, the cloud and mobile solutions are able to. AutoCAD is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

In general, AutoCAD is capable of very accurate 2D and 3D design as well as a variety of customization features hornituak.Desabantaila, in additionTo the cost, the AutoCADmoanhardver to work effectively requires a considerable download size

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Reviversoft Driver Reviver 5 Free Download


Reviversoft Driver Reviver 5

Driver Reviver is a leading PC Driver Update utility that will help drivers improve your computer in a few simple clicks! Driver Reviver uses one of the largest and most comprehensive database of the existing driver. This ensures that you always get the most caribbean drivers for your computer and other hardware devices. This program will scan your computer to identify the drivers outdated and outdated. Driver Reviver allows you to update quickly and easilyOf the latest drivers user driver original manufacturer yakona povratioptimalne performance computing equipment. This increase in performance and lifespan of your computer and devices. Driver Reviver is incredibly easy and quick to use and features security features like automatic backup, restore wizard, exclusions, scheduler and more on your computer in good condition.

VifaaMadereva are essential software applications that include entertainment devicesWhich are connected to a computer to communicate with system and other software on your computer. This Vozačidozvolite your software to get full functionality and the feature available for kilakipande devices that are set on your computer.

If the operating system and software programs that are updated on your computer require new drivers to ensure that the material stays fully functional in its new environment. Many manufacturersHave no contact with wewekushauri that a new driver has been released for hearing aids. So, maybe not aware that new, updated drivers raspolaganjuvašeg system, and may lack some additional new features, features and security solutions for your system.

Make sure your PC performs devices in the mojawapokiwango

So, what’s up to updating the drivers, you can make sure you keep updating bug fixes, performance improvements and potential new onesManufacturer’s features.

Reduces the risk of downloading a defective driver or infected person

Installervibayaau non-driver can make your computer neupotrebljivimi you possibly dangerous. Driver Reviver provides accurate tracking and consistently provides the right drivers.

Saves time

It may take many hours to follow each driver for each piece of equipment kushikamanakompyuta. Run Driver Reviver in minutes by a quick scan and update process.

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FastStone Capture 6 Free Download


FastStone Capture 6

If you need to take a screenshot of your screen, you can simply use the PrtScr key on your keyboard. But if you need to do some basic editing of captured image, then FastStone Capture is a good option.

FastStone Capture is a minimalist use to makescreenshots that hides various options under its small interface. The program includes several options to get the picture (full screen, active window, rectangle regions, drawing a selected area, even scrolling windows!) And is down with all popular formats.

butmore powerful side of FastStone Capture screen appears when you do. The program displays the captured image and allows you to change in several ways: Add notes, change the image, using a few special effects, kutekaYou freeform what showsparticular area, etc.

FastStone Capture includes other interesting options like automatic saving and naming the file, support for keyboard shortcuts and MöglichkeitUm upload images directly to an FTP server.

FastStoneCapture is a full-featured image capturing toolIt allows you to not only pictures of yakokufanya screen also change.


Added “Get Photos from Scanner”. The group supports scanning to PDF, TIFF, JPEG and PNG. It allows users to rotate scanned images directly to this tool to reduce alignment, annotateand save

Added “Capture Fixed size region”

He added: “In mwishoRudia Capture”

It is now possible to open the image inside editor drag and drop

“Fitda width” (press K) option internal editor

Other minor improvements and bug fixes

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Paint NET 4 full free download


Paint NET 4

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but not as complex as Photoshop, it is what you are looking for.

Turn your photos oil painting

This image editor offers well-developed range of tools and options expect to find in large graphic suites.

permiteTraballawith multiple images simultaneously, has support for layers, keeps a record of all changes to the image, so you can easily undoang, and drugiyatraznoobrazie of drawing tools (brushes and geometric shapes, for example).

You will also find many filters and specialeffects that can turn your photos into an oil painting or lapisdeseño with just one click.

Simple and direct

It has a simple interface that makes programming easy. The menus are well organized, so it’s easy to find the opportunity you are looking for.

saklawmga extensive resources

is a great freeediting package, cunchea useful tools for retushiraneFoto and optimization. Because of its simplicity, but also for a wide range of features, this program is perfect for both casual users and those who need to perform some more complex problem.


This update fixesView some key broken – size command.

Fixed: Ctrl + Shift + A now works again as abbreviated View – AktwalLaki (in pairs)

Fixed: Ctrl + 0 is still working to View – Living area even 10 or more images are open (Broken, what will happen 10 photos)

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Connectify Hotspot 2016 update Download Free


Connectify Hotspot 2016

Connectifi HotSpot turns your computer into an access point, Wi-Fi, allowing other computers, smartphones, tablets, and share a connection.

tie up

Connectifi HotSpot network card identifies your computer and automatically adjusts focus, assigning him the name and password for mrežu.Kada clickon the “Start” Hotspot access points, leaving the device with a password to connect to it. “Customers” will tell you that sutrenutno devices connected to the access point.

It was exactly working properly, you vithoutani further input, though you can podesitipostavke such as passwords (for paidversion) Network name. During setup, you can manage connections and control of their peers in the connected devices.

determining needs

Do Connectifidiisno useful? The computer must be turned on Wi-Fi for korišćenjekao focus, because everything related to uređaji.Dakle, if you have a wirelessrouter, seems unnecessary. You may Wired connection at home, or want to set up a wireless network easier to manage, but most peopleand know Connectifi HotSpot has only nekolikociljevi.

However, one of the features Connectifi access point, which can be still useful for everydayguide is that you can share files and folders with other network users through a simple drag and drop interface.

you iakschodlia

Connectifi HotSpot operation will use yourself do what it claims. I benefit from it, but if that’s the ideal.

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Paint NET 4 download free


Paint NET 4

If you need something more powerful than Microsoft Paint, but not as hard as Photoshop, this is what you are looking for.

Turn an image into oil painting

This image editor of a well-designed offers a wide range of tools and options expect to find in large graphic suites.

say gumaganasa multiple images at once, vypadtrymka layer, keeps a record of all changes to the image, soyou can easily desfacerLos, and includes a variety of drawing tools (brush and geometric shapes, for example).

You will also find a variety of filters and special effects that could transform the image into an oil painting or a pencil drawing in just one click.

Simple and direct

asobyprosty color interface makes it easy to use software. The menu is well organized, so it’s easy to find the option you are looking for.

Gamadagreat resource

malakisuite of image editing for free, with lots of useful tools to optimize and photo retouching. Due to its simplicity, but also for its wide range of features, the software is ideal for abedvyuhvypadkovyya users and have to perform some mgamas complex problems.


This update resolves several access keys to the party view – team size.

Corrected: Ctrl + Shift + A todayagain works as a shortcut for View – ActualTamaño (doubles)

Fixed: Ctrl + 0 is still working for the View – Actual size of 10 or more mgamalyunkavadkryty (doubles will change image 10)

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VideoPad Video Editor 4 full Download Free


VideoPad Video Editor 4

If I see what I intended to take, the son, a-bitch, starting with the VideoPad Video Editor, to try and find the right application can not be.

This could be the best tool for starting a world, and intended to take a video and are meant to be seen. It’s simple, easy to use,As long as it is definitely ideal to find yourself other basic user can start playing video anytime they want.

VideoPadVideo Mattis Ipsum Dolor Amet estilode editors in the editor’s interface, the double he built stories selected for this purpose, like meI see to be more important, and the other to complete my entire course – and in accordance with the time in the steps of the video and audio. DUIs, too, seem to have an effect (a thousand times the most important light of the color of the text) and the cross of suffering, but only three of them. They do not have images, add conpositionemvolueritBlank screen or image.

After you have completed your project, just click the “Make Movie” button and the interface will be able to export various forms. A good VideoPad Video Editor includes a set of export presets depending on the platform you are producingVIDEO PC Mac portable device, mobile, etc.

In addition, if you get lost aliquandone anxiety you: VideoPad Video Editor includes a help section, and is designed to see where you will find all the answers I aspire.

VideoPad Video Editor can be at first glance, it seems simple, butThis is not a good choice for a video intended for beginners.


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Advanced IP Scanner 2 download


Advanced IP Scanner 2

There may be times when you need to identify local IP- address on the LAN (Local Area Network). Advanced IP Scanner is absolutely free and all the same have already been adopted by more than 22 million users. Some key features include the ability to view all networkdevices for remote control of other computers and, if necessary, or even shut down the computers in the network. So, of course, to understand why IT professionals are getympragramnae software.

Features options and features

This advanced IP scannerdoes not require installationa computer, a memory allocation is not a problem. All results can be saved as a CSV file, so that the system is a good choice for network administrators in the process of solving problems. Computers can be accessed remotely through the use of RDP (RemoteDesktop Protocol) softwaresoftware. This allows the user to disable or disarm with a few simple steps. All shares of the network can also be accessed quickly. It is important to scan for viruses, or has detected a potential securitybreach. Finally, this advancedIP scanner is designed for those with little experience in the IT field work. Its intuitive layout is ideal for beginners and professionals.


checking mechanism has been improved, with greater speed and accuracy

The ability to view free IP-addressesin the list of scan results added

Results can be stored in the form of HTML or CSVarquivos

The user interface has been improved

New languages ​​(Thai, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch) have been added

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Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 8 free download


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 8

More sooner or later everyone will be stuck with the video can not play or can not hear or you will not play for a device, but on the other hand, and then when the desperate search Video Converter Free starts! There are different programs randomly to this task, but certainly one of the hits Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate and all the basic features are available for free.

Everything is here that process from the completaHD transformation

Wondershare videoConverter is a multifunctionalOstatecznyJest program that is packaged in a surprising amount of features. Sure, some of them are blocked for premium users, but many of them are available free of charge. The essential feature is, of course, for video conversion, solved with the help of a powerful program. The main claim of the program is 30x faster video conversion, which does not always happen Epoda, but should be unpretentious for small conversion optionsThe team is happy to take 159 formats here and taken into account to see what also gives you more possibilities in terms of file size and quality. 4K is also supported for those who enjoy the great screen experience. This is supported by the Live Another useful feature. While TV, CC, console etc. súaordenadores is on the network, you can use this software to watch movies on the TV without any cable tamperingobserve. In this regard, this software can really save money.

The utility of the standard

Another problem, facing wieluludzie they need to convert video is the ability to use the software. You should know .avi.mp4, but that does not mean you know all about the sizes of bitrate, codec, and file. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is very good help. You can use most features with few clicks to get the default settingsUse without worrying too much. Advanced users can change settings to suit your preferences, although there are a few exploring everything to avail of. Navigation jestTrochę chaos and of course you meet barriers premium, but must wait serque. Fortunately, most of the features are very friendly. For example, you can add the video with very simple tools, subtitles, or edit the contrast. You can also use video downloaderYouTube with a single click, using an automatic addition to your browser.

Convert video with minimal effort

The main advantage of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimateun huge ilośćfunkcji. You can see movies that convert from a fixed built-in player, you can compress video during recording quality, and even the creation of 2D movies in 3D! The program is easy to use, for beginners, but it will take some learning.Overall, this is one of the best management free video solutions.

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Genymotion 2.6 free download


Genymotion 2.6

Genymotion is one of the best free Android emulator on the market. The software, which is both powerful and easy to use, will attract naturally curious, but also for developers of Android.

A full program of choice

Genymotion is easy to use and can be dozens of Android phones (including popular models such as the Google Nexus and the Samsung family Galaxyproduk) to emulate. Computer keyboard and mouse are automatically detected and access internetdesupported with no problems. You can enable the geolocationand also increase or decrease the size of the emulator window when Android was launched.

Easy to use with the option of a limited rollout

The Genymotion free emulator that does not perlupilihan at launch, but the main menu, you can set the ADB (Android Debug Bridge), the option is useful only for the most advanced users. Android emulator will start in a short time without any ageshopping configure the software.

Top Android emulator

Genymotion is software that is powerful and the quality is surprisingly goodconsidering it was free, but this program is not yet muktamadia, so it is still a small car. Screen rotation can cause some problems emulated phone, and select the drop down menu Android sometimes caused crashes emulator. Apart from a few weaknesses, Genymotion Android emulator approaching perfection so far away.

One of the bestAndroid emulator on the market

Genymotion suitable for all users: it is easy to use, but must pay enough advanced features to Android developers and experts. newcomers in the marketemulator will not bother to establish itself as a reference product in this market.

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