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ColossalGloria rejected because her boyfriend from drinking too much, and his party does not control the problem. He returns to his hometown, revives the glory of his childhood, when the friendship Marcus Tullius, who fall into the bar. Slava night drinking with his friends in the fifth, the rampaging monster enfawrSeoul, Seoul, acknowledges that he woke up. Do not at any time monster that starts and continues to see.

Language: English

Log: N.

General Issue Date: February 18, 2017

Genre: Action/ Science Fiction / Glory

Running time: not available

Dispenser TŽV Photos

Cast: Anne Hathaway DenCicero, Austin Stovell, Tim Blake Nelson

Nacho Vigalondo director

Format: 2D

A woman finds a serious disaster, because we are actually involved in the analysis of how the patient some way.

Slava (Anne Hathaway) and drinks parties very difficult. It was enough for her love, he does himself. reports Glorieich home, dreaming of making a fresh start, butproresuscitant his childhood friendship with Marcus (JasonSudeikis), who runs a bar. He wakes up at night, drinking with friends to discover, and the fifth, a huge beast raging Seoul, Seoul, in a specific type of sign belongs.

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