America's Army 3

US Army 3 is the latest release of the official game of the US Army.
First-Person Shooter (FPS) and a strict training section featuring online multiplayer games.

Built Unreal Engine, the US Navy 3 looks better than its predecessor, but there are only cosmetic changes. Training unit,Most of the game, now is not required. Despite the fact that they can sometimes be rubbed a bit, more equipment baikAnda unlocks, fill them, so it costs in the end.

Multichannel US Army Mission 3 differs from most FPS games: They emphasize teamwork tosucceed. Each game saw the US Army against OPFOR – called “Opposing Force” one. There are no games in different ways, they are all the same, by the way – if you die, you are out of the game. You can pay attention when the perubatananda team is injured, but you can not turn to full health.

ArmedUS forces 3 Theberriro began to feel the lack of a multiplayer game very different. They are invaluable to your team, and incredible stress of the skin as you move, shoot the destruction of the nerve in fact! Five card design and excellent play well, but you mustKnow that in some fairly unsuccessful five minutes or more, you have a shot penuhJika!

US Army 3 is a serious FPS game, but if you invest time to be very useful if you are a daitekeare Hollywood action and a drama popular shooter like Modern Warfare is missing.


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