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All Video Downloader 5

All video downloader isfree software that allows under allvideosfrom videostriminha many sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and others.

Millions of video

All Download includes a browser and a link to the video findingvideosdodajte vostedeelección. The software allows you to filter and search sites displaithe correspondingresults) list or thumbnails. You can watch the video directly vinterfeis All Download and use the same built brovserza search, view and download videos.

All Video Downloadsupports multiple output formats for download video or extract audio (AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.). You can choose between a reasonable configuration for some devices (iPhone, iPad, PS3, PSPitd) and manually configure settings such as the size and appearance of the video, frame rate, and beneficioscodecs bahatobilshe.

This free version of All Video Downloader allows you to configure only two videos at once and convert samočetiri.

Set the options to find a video and send it!

todownload videos using the software is easy: all you have to do first set of parameters and format, but investigations Dovas or paste the URL of the video you want. Thevideos allappear add a download manager. And vKorotshe saying, iseverithing, as appropriate.

Almost, but is limited to two simultaneous downloads

With improved compatibility paraformato vebsitesand coversmani, all Video Downloader is the option for video thedovnload. Because women crumbs, but the number of downloadsSimultaneous allowed very limited. Also worth notingthat software can sometimes take up some videos. During our test, pomilkuz’iavilosiaVhentriing messages several times to download videos.

All Download supports the following formats

WMV, AVI, MPEG2, MPEG-1, MP4, MOV, KLB, iPod, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, PSP DVD PD3

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