Advanced IP Scanner 2 FastDL 32-Bit


Advanced IP Scanner 2

It can detect what will happen to your local IP address on the LAN (Local Area Network). This advanced IP Scanner is completely free, but it is not his own daughter over 22 million users. Some basic features include the ability to check all of the network devices using a remote control other computers, and even to shut down the computers on the network. Why it is clear that the teachers of this software.

muneraFeatures and Options

This requires that the scanner advanced IP installationyour computer, so itis not the destination of the memory be a problem. All results can be saved into a CSV file, so the system is ideal for network administrators with troubleshooting processes. Computers can even remotely be acquired by software RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows the user to disable, or to a system of deactivatecum a few simple steps. You can also approach them with speed, all the resources of the network. Or a potential breach of the virus and found that it is important skanowaniaWsecurity. Finally, thisadvanced IP scanner is designed for use by people with little computer use. The chief reason is intuitive to both beginners and professionals.

changes to

fixumscan the engine, to provide greater speed and accuracy are

IP addresses on the list and added the free ability to view results of the scan

The result can be saved as HTML, or CSVakta

A user interface is better

Add new languages ​​(Thai, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch)

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